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Multisteps Industries are experts in food packaging, and mostly relied on traditional forms of marketing for new clients. Lacking digital expertise in-house, they questioned whether there was untapped potential online after having multiple negative experiences with different agencies.

We provided a business-first approach to make digital core to Multisteps, resulting in strategy and execution that delivered sustainable growth online. Now Multisteps has a steady stream of leads online, some of which have turned into millions of dollars in business.

Full-funnel Strategy


Paid Search

Systems Integration

The Business Problem

With a lack of in-house expertise and prior negative agency experiences, business owner Sam was sceptical of the impact digital would have in a traditional B2B industry. He also did not want the expense of hiring someone internally, or to dedicate his own valuable time to a strategy he wasn’t even sure would work.

After getting to know Sam and his business, we came up with three key objectives that would make digital core to Multisteps, and deliver sustainable growth online.

``What we really needed was someone that understood our business and took ownership of our digital marketing.`` - Sam Lam (Director of Multisteps)

Key Objectives

1Devise a business-first, full funnel digital strategy

2Execute the strategy, increase leads

3Make Multisteps' business 'digital first'

The Solution

After several meetings with the business owner and sales staff, we put in place an agile, sustainable digital strategy that aligned with business objectives at every point. At Wayves, we understand that to truly be business-aligned, we need to have an integrated, omnichannel approach that enhances every digital touch point of a potential customer.

This includes helping them discover you through paid search or SEO, through to maximising engagement and relevance once they’re onsite, and marketing automation to push the right customers down the funnel as leads.


Get Traffic To Website

Paid Search & SEO


Maximise Engagement

Content, A/B Testing


Generate Leads

Drive User To Submit Enquiry

Executing Strategy

Paid Search Campaigns

Paid search campaigns on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising immediately put Multisteps in front of potential customers and brought in leads. Our advertising was targeted towards those selling in bulk, as Multisteps would not service smaller quantity orders. Multisteps receives a very healthy number of leads through paid search each month.

SEO & Content Strategy

SEO and content strategy worked together, with the ultimate goal of Multisteps becoming a leading voice in the packaging industry. Multisteps’ voice is guided by their core principles of being a leader in eco-friendly packaging, dedicated to producing the highest quality service and their customers’ satisfaction, and being a family run business with a strong work ethic and values.

Content Creation

Monthly creation of content that was designed to provide maximum SEO value and amplified the brand’s voice. This content was amplified across their own website, LinkedIn, email marketing, and is starting to move towards video platforms too.

Onsite Projects & A/B Testing

Monthly projects are undertaken on Multisteps’ site to improve the user experience, increase engagement, enhance the lead funnel and maximise conversion rate.

``This is a great blocktext quote from Sam again about how awesome we are``.

Marketing Automation

Marking automation was setup to segment existing and prospective customers, and engage and re-engage them effectively across a number of different channels. This keeps Multisteps top of mind for both its existing and prospective customers.

CRM Integration

We integrated all marketing platforms in Hubspot, and streamlined the flow of leads for sales staff so the type of enquiry went to the right sales staff.

Daily & Monthly Reporting

We custom built daily and monthly reporting dashboards for the key stakeholders to track progress, with metrics most important to them.

Going Above & Beyond For Our Clients

-500% Increase in Traffic YoY

-10x Increase in Leads YoY

-Millions of dollars in business

The Results

Multisteps are receiving a steady stream of relevant leads each month, some of which have resulted in millions of dollars in contracts for the company. These are coming both through paid search and organic search.

These leads are then funnelled through to the most appropriate sales representative through Hubspot.

The business owner (Sam) no longer has to worry about his company’s digital, and can focus on what he does best. Daily reports are available to him, but he prefers us to check in monthly where we can update him on the execution of the strategy, and ROI at a point in time.

A Digital Business Partner

In the meantime, Sam can rest assured that his paid search is being optimised, SEO improved, monthly content goes out to engage and re-engage prospective customers, and onsite projects are being undertaken on his website to improve conversion rate.

Best of all, Sam gets this for a fraction of what it would cost him to do in-house.